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Hair Care After Hair Transplantation

Hair care is important for deep healing of hair and scalp after surgery. It is recommended to apply not only for hair transplantation but also for healthy hair. You can shorten the healing process by applying hair care at home by yourself. - You can wash your hair 3 days after the operation. - Hair should be washed with special lotion given to you and special shampoo given to you. - You can apply gentle massage while washing your hair, but you should not massage the plantation area. - Hair is destroyed once a day for an average of 10 days. - Hair washing during the very light movements should wash carefully, damage the planted area. - After 5 days you can start to use the hair dryer as a cold absorption. - 15 day spray, jelly...do not use VS. 3.do not paint your hair for months-the transplanted hair can be shed 2-4 weeks later, but this hair can be shed 100.after the day, it starts to appear healthier and more lush. - With the recommended shampoo, the nape area is washed with normal washing movements. Transplant area is shampooed with soft movements. It stops for a long time after all these washing processes are completed. 10 days later, when the shells are destroyed, you can wash your hair with your own shampoo and again with your own rhythm. - After drying your hair naturally, carefully comb. If you need to use a hair dryer after 5 days you can use it with cold air blowing. - If you need to work in a dirty partner for the first 3 days, wear a hat (helmet, friend width can be adjusted) to make you happy. Hair transplantation is extremely careful and if possible another assistant alarakbu job is very healthy if you do this. First hair washing is important. The transplanted hair needs to be replaced. If it is not done properly, you may lose a lot of implanted hair follicles.

It is expected that after the hair transplantation

About 80% of hair transplant patients are re-implanted about 3 weeks after surgery or some part of the hair is lost. It should not be forgotten that this situation is normal and always passes. After the hair is lost, the hair regrowes 3-6 months. You can calculate that your hair will grow by 1 cm each month.




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